Our Story

Founded in 2008 by technology executives David Gang and Lisa Beaudoin, Perfect Sense is a full-service product company that capitalizes on its enterprise digital application development platform, Brightspot, to drive innovations in web and mobile development for corporations worldwide.  Perfect Sense originally created and now actively supports the Brightspot platform, which powers dynamic and highly engaging consumer experiences. 

Such leading corporations as Coca-Cola Company, Walmart, Univision, US News and World ReportScripps Networks InteractiveSpecial Olympics, and many more are deploying Brightspot’s platform to materially change the way they do business online.  Our partners benefit significantly from having increased flexibility as business requirements change, the ability to launch new sites and make updates more quickly, and fewer resource requirements to manage their digital initiatives.  As Brightspot’s adoption rate increases, our partners continue to drive valuable enhancements that benefit everyone.  

Our capabilities include product strategy and development, experience and visual design, multi-platform software development, content services, SEO analysis, and 24x7 hosting and operations.  Our expertise enables us to deliver integrated web systems for our partners, including innovative websites, publishing platforms, online revenue programs, and metrics dashboards that drive brand awareness, expand capabilities, improve performance, and build relationships between publishers and users.

We are based in Reston, VA with an office in Atlanta.

Our core philosophy infuses everything we do at Perfect Sense and boils down to three clear principles: 

We are respected and trusted by corporations worldwide to be 100% focused on getting each project done right, on budget, and to our partner’s complete satisfaction.  Quite simply, we do what we say we’ll do.  We take personal ownership to understand people’s needs, and we dedicate ourselves to meeting those needs of our partners, employees, vendors, and society.

Always deliver

"PSD helps our team run on all cylinders. It is such a pleasure working with them; they are such smart, organized, and thoughtful people. They are 100% dependable and reliable, and what’s more, we have a good time with each other, making it easy to become a collaborative group" DRIA DE BOTTON, VICE PRESIDENT, EMERGING BRANDS, FOOD.COM AND COOKINGCHANNELTV.COM

Committed to success

"I’ve had a fantastic working relationship with David and the team at PSD. The entire team is made up of committed digital professionals that bring tremendous depth of knowledge to every project. I’ve had nothing but great experiences working with the PSD team. In addition to expertise and commitment to the success of each and every project, they truly feel like members of my team." BOB MADDEN, SVP/GM DIGITAL FOOD CATEGORY, SCRIPPS NETWORKS INTERACTIVE
"We were making a major change in our business strategy and needed a new site from the ground up in 90 days. The PSD team hit it so fast; they were great! The Brightspot platform allowed us to do a lot of things that we needed to do but couldn’t have done on our previous platform. The PSD team took personal ownership in the entire project, like they always do, and we hit our 3 month deadline. The site now costs a lot less to run, and we’ve seen a major increase in traffic to the content parts of the site." RICH LACY, VICE PRESIDENT, EMERGING BRANDS – HGTV, SCRIPPS NETWORKS 
“Perfect Sense has been everything we could ever dream of as a partner. They help us tell our stories to audiences around the world in a way that we never could have done without them. They are visionaries that guide our path in the ever-changing digital world. We have something very special here.” PETER WHEELER, CHIEF OF STRATEGIC PROPERTIES FOR SPECIAL OLYMPICS INTERNATIONAL 

Live in your shoes

"Partnership is the word that defines our relationship. I can count on PSD for advice on almost any part of our digital business not only because of their expertise but also their commitment to get to know our company, our business, and our people. PSD is not just a technology vendor; they support us across the entire business of digital." BOB MADDEN, SVP/GM DIGITAL FOOD CATEGORY, SCRIPPS NETWORKS INTERACTIVE
"Perfect Sense Digital is everything we are online. They are so responsive, really bright, talented, and creative. They have gotten to know our people and our organization personally, and their employees are hugely committed to our cause. I couldn’t be happier, and we at Special Olympics are deeply grateful for the wonderful partnership over the last 16 years." PETER WHEELER, CHIEF OF STRATEGIC PROPERTIES FOR SPECIAL OLYMPICS INTERNATIONAL 
"PSD is good at being able to distill the needs of different groups and bring them together on a project. PSD is engaged, invested, and embedded -- the work has been seamless between PSD and Scripps." DEB PUCHALLA, VP, DIGITAL EDITORIAL, FOODNETWORK.COM, COOKINGCHANNELTV.COM, AND FOOD.COM AT SCRIPPS NETWORKS INTERACTIVE
"David and Perfect Sense don’t just give us very significant financial and in-kind contributions. There is a family commitment that goes both ways, and I mean that in the broadest sense of ‘family.’ They volunteer, work at events, employ one of our athletes, and so much more. It’s only authentic if you do it and not just talk about it. Perfect Sense does it." TIMOTHY P. SHRIVER, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD FOR SPECIAL OLYMPICS INTERNATIONAL

Recent Work

  • Politico: Politico launches three sites on Brightspot, giving its 300+ editors a powerful publishing platform to help them scoop the story
  • Grupo Expansión: Grupo Expansión, one of Mexico's leading media organizations, teams with Perfect Sense to roll a new digital platform on Brightspot
  • SourceMedia: SourceMedia began its transition to Brightspot with the release of 3 digital properties featuring a rich, new user experience and publishing platform
  • Walmart: The world's largest retailer launches a new conversation platform to show the world how Walmart's future is being shaped by what's happening today

Our HQ in Reston