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SPOTLIGHT: Global Search

One of the most used features of Brightspot is Global Search, which persistently displays in the top left corner. With partners housing tens, or even hundreds of thousands of objects in Brightspot, it is crucial to have a search engine that can promptly return relevant content. Brightspot's Global Search does just that by enabling publishers to access desired content in a timely and efficient manner.

How it Works

A powerful tool, Brightspot's Global Search is easy to use. As you enter criterion in the search bar, relevant content displays below, enabling you to quickly find what you need. To aid your search, you can narrow results by Content Type, Publish Date, and Status, or even perform an Advanced Query. Additionally, certain sites have their own filters. For instance, Inspire Confidence allows you to filter by different Sections of the site. If you find yourself consistently searching for the same criterion, the Save Search feature will readily allow you to access that criterion with a click of a button.

Beyond these initial filters, you can drill down further into each content type. After specifying  by content type, advanced filters unique to each type will appear. For example, if you select Story as the content type, two additional filters -- Author and Submit User -- are made available. Similarly, if you select Image, you can filter by Color, one of the coolest features of Global Search.

Use Case

Your company recently launched a campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and wants to highlight this initiative on their Home Page with appropriate pink imagery. It would take countless hours to search through every single image on the site to pick out the best ones. You could start by typing relevant words like "breast cancer" or "pink" into the search bar; however, that would leave out potential images that do not have these words associated with them or display images that are unrelated. Another, more accurate, method would be to search by color. After filtering by image, click the color palette icon, which displays an array of colors that you can select from, as well as a field to manually enter the desired hex value. By selecting the color pink on the palette, you refine your search and can now choose the best images to promote your Breast Cancer Awareness initiative.

Global Search is a feature of Brightspot that is used daily. By understanding its capabilities, you can easily access your content to create an outstanding experience for your users.

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