Special Olympics International

Annual Report

Wed Jun 07 11:07:00 EDT 2017
Special Olympics Annual Report

For all non-profits, the annual report is a critical marketing tool that provides valuable insight into the organization’s accomplishments throughout the previous year, vision for the future, recognition of significant contributors, and transparency around its financials.

Since 2009, Special Olympics had produced a high-quality PDF report that users could download and print. This approach, however, introduced many limitations. The PDF limited accessibility to the report particularly on tablet and mobile devices; gathering content for a print-ready version resulted in a significant lag time in production; once finalized, there was no way to add or edit content; and, Special Olympics could not use any of its rich video footage to tell its story.

In 2016, Special Olympics turned to Perfect Sense to modernize its annual PDF report into an interactive online experience that would allow Special Olympics to share this important and engaging content about its movement with a wider audience.

Perfect Sense designed and developed a fully responsive website that modernized Special Olympics approach to its annual report. With a new, sleek design the online annual report distinguishes Special Olympics in the crowded non-profit industry.

Powered by Brightspot, Special Olympics Annual Report is easier to maintain throughout the year and publishers are now empowered to create engaging content utilizing a rich library of modules and templates. Additionally, taking advantage of Brightspot’s multi-site feature, Special Olympics can easily spin up future reports with no additional development required.