Cisco Small Business

Wed Nov 19 16:21:00 EST 2014
Cisco SMB

Cisco and Perfect Sense partnered to launch the Cisco Small Business Marketplace, a platform designed to leverage Cisco's vast network of sales partners to engage customers and drive sales. Partners can now drive new sales opportunities through a utility that they couldn't afford to develop on their own. The SMB Marketplace, powered by the Brightspot® platform, represents a scalable approach to reaching the small business communities in emerging markets around the world.

The SMB Marketplace was developed with features that appeal to both small business customers and Cisco's sales partners. Customers are able to browse through product catalogs, get quotes for the products and services in their shopping cart, advertise project needs to a community of sales partners, and search partners through a directory that is filtered by location, certifications and expertise. The sales network is able to see new projects and connect directly with potential customers. The SMB Marketplace is also a hub that allows sales partners to manage their profiles, project support details, and active projects.

The development of the SMB Marketplace was completed in less than four months, with Perfect Sense contributing product leadership, UX and design, technical development, QA, and hosting and operations on the engagement.

This launch is part of an ongoing partnership between Cisco and Perfect Sense as the site is rolled out to additional countries in early 2015 and additional features and enhancements are introduced.