Monumental Network

Monumental Sports and Entertainment

Tue Jan 22 22:44:00 EST 2013
Monumental Sports and Entertainment

We recently partnered with Monumental Sports and Entertainment, to launch its digital media platform for fans of Monumental Sports teams, including the Washington Mystics (WNBA), Washington Capitals (NHL) and Washington Wizards (NBA). Perfect Sense led the user experience and visual design efforts. A hub for Monumental-controlled content platforms for fans and customers, the site serves as one of the region’s top destinations for sports and entertainment news.

Eight domains linked with Monumental are being published from within one instance of Brightspot,® using the Brightspot MultiSite feature, providing individual look and feel, as well as roles and permissions, within one instance. Brightspot works seamlessly with Kaltura to provide a rich video experience, as well as a custom advertising implementation, powered through AdJuggler. The site was built with tailored content delivery enabled for users on mobile and tablet devices.

A team of 4 engineers, all new to the Brightspot platform, built the site in 100 days. This Brightspot instance contains 23 templates, and almost 30 modules.