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National Geographic Video

Wed Mar 05 15:51:00 EST 2014
National Geographic Video

Perfect Sense built and launched an updated video experience using thePlatform OVP and Brightspot® for National Geographic.  

The goal of the project was to provide a new and improved way to manage, host, and present video content on National Geographic's video portal. National Geographic's video strategy included broader video initiatives (video page redesigns, deploy enhanced video players, introduce and execute advanced ad policies) by fully integrating with National Geographic's OVP solution, thePlatform.  

We replaced the homegrown video players with thePlatform's PDK based players, simplified and improved existing video management and production workflows. Powered by Brightspot, Perfect Sense established an elegant method to manage, host, display video web pages and video content for the National Geographic web properties.

Perfect Sense designed and developed a fully responsive website optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile experiences. The experience included a Video Main page, Video Category page, Video Show page, Video Detail page, and a Video Search Results page.  

Key publishing goals delivered with Brightspot include:

- Allow video editors and producers to capture video metadata in Brightspot and sync with thePlatform's MPX
- Allow producers to create dynamic video pages from tags
- Create an intuitive tagging interface in Brightspot
- Easily create an editorially curated lineup for Featured videos and Editor's Picks.
- Include ability to have videos also played inside of Brightspot for live preview