Fri Aug 28 12:36:00 EDT 2015

Politico, a company as innovative in its publishing strategy as it is in its coverage of politics and government, is now a Perfect Sense partner. Politico and Politico Pro, a premium subscription service, are now powered by the Brightspot® platform. Politico's news magazine, The Agenda, launched on Brightspot in May 2015.

In Brightspot, Politico found a user experience platform that could streamline its digital platform to create a more efficient system for the company's editors, reporters, analysts and account managers. The project included migrating content from three existing CMS applications and integrating them into one powerful, dynamic platform. Perfect Sense managed the massive migration of all the content on the six-year-old publisher's sites: 

- 187,000 articles
- 2,200 photo galleries
- 31,500 newsletter entries
- 123,000 images
- 20,000 tag results pages
- 31,500 blog posts

To meet the requirements of Politico's real-time publishing efforts, several new Brightspot features were developed through this project: the ability to allow multiple editors to work on a single page at the same time, the ability to create searchable drafts of unpublished assets, and the establishment of individual workflows for each site. Both free and premium sites (behind a paywall) now have a single sign-on authentication. Politico now has a full license and account management tool that supports more than 300,000 internal users. Most important, the more than 300 editors now publishing in Brightspot have the tools to get their stories in front of readers faster than the competition.

From initial conversation to final launch, the project was completed in less than eight months, with Perfect Sense contributing product leadership, engineering and development, QA, and operations and hosting on the engagement. Perfect Sense also provided training and support for Politico's editorial, account management and development teams.