Pure Matters

Pure Matters

Tue May 24 00:54:00 EDT 2011

Pure Matters® is a leading provider of the finest natural supplements engineered and proven to a higher standard so people can get the most out of life.

Leading up to the June 2011 launch of the Pure Matters e-commerce experience, we partnered with Besins Healthcare and Kalio to design a custom store that highlights the full range of Pure Matters products and moves customers seamlessly through the shopping experience. The site not only highlights Besins' proprietary formulations — like Rest Easy, designed to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep — but also features a wide range of products, from biotin to vitamin B.

Prior to launching the full Pure Matters e-commerce site, we conceptualized, designed and developed a content experience that educates consumers about a variety of health and lifestyle topics. In early 2011, the Pure Matters content site was designated an Official Honoree in the 15th Annual Webby Awards.

The site includes a comprehensive ingredient guide that provides detailed descriptions on over 900 herbs and supplements direct from Physicians Desk Reference. Highly optimized and original content drives traffic through search, but users will come back for the quality content -- including articles, slideshows, videos and online health tools. Pure Matters hopes to prove that little things can make a big difference in living a healthy life!