Scholastic READ 180

Fri Jan 31 16:17:00 EST 2014
Scholastic Read 180

READ 180, Scholastic Education’s flagship brand, partnered with Perfect Sense to relaunch a new and improved version of the READ 180 Community, a networking website that connects over 40,000 members daily, providing professional development and resources to support reading instructors across the country. The site is home to hundreds of articles, classroom resources and activities, blog posts, videos, peer-to-peer discussions, and more.

Perfect Sense provided architecture, product management, technical management, site migration and publishing support.

The new READ 180 Community website features a cleaner and more intuitive navigation which facilitates content sharing, member interaction, and social engagement – making for a vastly improved user experience as compared to the legacy website. On the back-end, content editors are now able to implement changes in real-time using Brightspot.®