Toyota Prius Facebook App

Wed Jun 25 09:57:00 EDT 2014
Toyota Prius Facebook App

Perfect Sense has launched an interactive service for Toyota Prius customers on Facebook. The Toyota Prius "Ask an Expert" app is the first native Facebook application powered by Brightspot.®

Prius owners can access the "Ask an Expert" app through the Toyota Prius Facebook page. The app allows users to submit questions about their Prius and get direct, real-time responses. Toyota's experts can interact with users directly through the Facebook app without navigating the back-end, allowing for a simple, seamless interaction with consumers. Brightspot allows Toyota to easily engage in an ongoing conversation with a full set of moderation tools. 

With Brightspot, Perfect Sense's enterprise platform, Toyota's social media managers have a tool that affords them greater editorial supervision and app maintenance without the need to rely on developer support.