Children take over Perfect Sense


On Thursday, April 24, Perfect Sense participated in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. A memorable day for the parents and kids who learned all about what goes in to making a website.

For Matt, Abby, Will, Phillippe, Adam, and Drew, Thursday, April 24, was not a typical school day. 

The six children of Perfect Sense employees arrived at Perfect Sense excited to learn more about the company, different careers, and our clients. After a fun icebreaker of getting to know you B-I-N-G-O; Lisa Edwards, Kaitlyn Smith, Miles De Feyter, Phil Chevalier, and Lisa Beaudoin spoke with the kids about their roles and responsibilities as a product manager, designer, developer, publisher, and business owner. Following the different career presentation, Special Olympics athlete and Perfect Sense QA Technician, Rose Pleskow, spoke about the unique and rewarding relationship between Perfect Sense and Special Olympics. Rose detailed the different websites Perfect Sense has built over the years, as well as the additional events employees participate in like Spread the Word to End the Word, the Dulles Day Plane Pull, and Unified Sports.

My kids have been talking about their day non stop!

After the presentations, the kids broke into teams of three and went on an office scavenger hunt meeting other employees, tracking down office supplies, and most importantly, finding a secret stash of candy! It was a photo finish but the team of Abby, Will, and Phillippe came out on top. After an interesting discussion of the different clients and partners that work with Perfect Sense, the kids enjoyed a pizza lunch and learned how to juggle. Following lunch was most special part of the day, as the kids sat with their parents and interviewed them for an hour. They spoke about their day-to-day responsibilities, the paths they took to wind up at Perfect Sense, and the people who helped them along the way. It was a great moment seeing the moms and dads share their personal stories with their children, inspiring their futures.

As a final assignment, the kids interacted with the Brightspot CMS and published an article about a day in the life at Perfect Sense Digital. They awed the staff with their creativity and incredible understanding of Brightspot, publishing text, photo galleries, and even videos -- ultimately earning a diploma with a Bachelor of Science in Brightspot, concluding a very special and memorable day for the children, parents, and staff at Perfect Sense! 

About the Author
Parker Ramsdell
Parker Ramsdell has been leading Brightspot's mission-related projects since July 2013. Drawing on a unique background in education, politics, and non-profits, Parker is dedicated to fulfilling Brightspot's mission to give back to the community through a variety of projects with local, national, and global organizations. Parker will be blogging about Brightspot's continued partnerships with Special Olympics, The First Tee, Troops First Foundation, YMCA of Greater Washington, and others.
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