Jordan Spieth Visits Perfect Sense

On Thursday, November 3, 2016, Jordan Spieth visited Perfect Sense headquarters in Reston, VA, to meet the team responsible for designing and building After getting a tour of Perfect Sense's new office, Jordan gave free putting lessons to Perfect Sense employees and battled on the ping pong table.

With Jordan's help reading the green, Alea sinks a putt and celebrates with her co-workers watching.
Denny Henry
Since meeting at the 2012 AT&T National, Jordan and David Gang have partnered to make a difference through the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation.
During his visit to Perfect Sense, Jordan took on Hao in an intense match on the ping pong table.
Denny Henry
Masters champion, Jordan Spieth, stopped by our Reston office to take a few selfies with Perfect Sense employees.
Denny Henry
Jordan shakes hands with Hao Sun, a dev ops engineer. Later in the day, they played an intense game of ping pong.
Denny Henry
During Jordan's visit he walked around the office and met with the people who built
Denny Henry
Full Swing set up a Virtual Green, which replicates the most iconic greens on the PGA TOUR, in our training room so employees could play with Jordan.
Denny Henry
Jordan Spieth, his agent, Jay Danzi, and David Gang discuss what's happening at Perfect Sense.
Denny Henry
Jordan horses around with his buddy, Matthew, during his trip to Reston.
Denny Henry
Jordan congratulates Alea after sinking her putt on the Virtual Green.
Denny Henry
Jordan Spieth helps Lee Teague read the breaks and line up his putt on the Virtual Green.
Denny Henry
Matthew Gang gets putting advice from US Open champion, Jordan Spieth.
Denny Henry
Jordan congratulates David Gang after he drains a putt on the Virtual Green.
Denny Henry
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