More Than Just An Office

Our state-of-the-art office creates a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere where employees work together to solve challenging problems for our partners.

Our Reston headquarters is a bright, vibrant space that creates a welcoming and collaborative environment for employees.
Brooks Kraft
Barista Bar
A fully-stocked and staffed barista station keeps our employees fueled with custom prepared lattes, coffee, and tea.
Brooks Kraft
Our pantry is stocked with fresh fruit, healthy snacks, and the occasional Girl Scout cookie to keep our team well fed throughout the day.
Brooks Kraft
Espressos, macchiatos, cappuccinos and americanos are some of the drinks available at our coffee bar.
Kaitlyn Smith
Large conference spaces throughout the office allow teams to gather and communicate more effectively.
Brooks Kraft
Floating ceilings give the space a modern feel and lower cubes create a better sense of community.
Brooks Kraft
Team areas provide spaces for our experts to work collaboratively to build solutions to the complex problems of our customers.
Denny Henry
Team Area
Our success is dependent upon our various disciplines—product, design, development, QA, operations, content—working in unison. Our office space helps bring these teams together.
Denny Henry
Brightspot Doors
Our content management system, Brightspot, lets editors create, publish and deliver great digital experiences.
Denny Henry
Game Room
Our game room, complete with ping pong, shuffleboard, and foosball tables, is a fun space for employees to take a break during the day.
Denny Henry
Daily catered lunches are a favorite perk of our employees.
Kaitlyn Smith
PS Sign
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Denny Henry
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