Perfect Sense Employees Bring Their Kids to Work

Last Thursday, Perfect Sense celebrated Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day with a wide array of activities that allowed employees’ children, ranging in ages from 3rd to 8th grade, an opportunity to explore their parents’ workplace. The group of 12 children learned about a variety of career paths, explored a collection of Perfect Sense projects, and even published a photo gallery in Brightspot about their experience.

Simon learns from his dad, Lee, about working as a software engineer.
Phillippe learns from his dad, Steven, about working as a software engineer.
Ella learns from her dad, Mike, about working as a user experience designer.
Will learns from his mom, Jenny, about working as a visual designer.
Hannah learns from her dad, Dan, about working as a software engineer.
Peyton learns from her dad, Kevin, about working as a software engineer.
Ben learns from his dad, Rich, about working as a software engineer.
Dani and Ashley learn from their dad, Ben, about working as a technical product manager.
Seven learns from his mom, Aaliyah, about working as a front-end software engineer.
Marluce and Mateo learn from their dad, Rick, about working at Perfect Sense.
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