By coming to Perfect Sense, you will be joining a uniquely talented and diverse team of developers, designers, and product managers committed to crafting innovative solutions for our partners. Learn more about the people who make Perfect Sense.
Rose sits down with Perfect Sense's Creative Director, Erin, to discuss her role guiding the user experience team.
After graduating from JMU, Alea started her career at Perfect Sense. During her talk with Rose, she discusses that decision and her role as a product manager.
Dave talks about his transition from graphic design to web development and his plans for his upcoming sabbatical later this summer.
Jordan shares about his father's influence on his career and how he'd turn around the Knicks if he were general manager.
Our chief coffee officer and Director of Details, Anne Ulrich, discusses her role building culture at Perfect Sense.
Rose and Cindy discuss how her persistence paid off in landing a job Perfect Sense and how she found a passion in juggling.
Rose and Ashley talk about how Perfect Sense has changed over her 8 years and dive into her role as a product manager.
Paul shares about his passion for motorsports and his experience traveling with his colleagues to Europe for the Special Olympics.
Ari and Rose talk about his past experience managing Chobani's 2012 Olympic campaigns and the marketing strategy at Perfect Sense.
Brennan Ebeling, who went to college to study piano and pipe organ, sits with Rose to discuss how he wound up at Perfect Sense.