David Habib

David Habib

Chief Information Officer
Current role

With delivery his No. 1 priority, David taps into his 20 years of internet experience to ensure our clients are getting both what they ask for and what they need. Responsible for client services and program management, David oversees the tech arm of the business and works alongside the teams implementing projects for our clients.

Since joining Perfect Sense in 2014, David has taken pride in supporting the company’s highly successful program that fosters the growth of professionals just starting out in their careers. Watching young people find their way and succeed within the company is tremendously rewarding for David.

Professional accomplishments

Prior to Perfect Sense, David led the Business IT and Information Security organizations at Neustar, an information and analytics company, where he played an integral role in transforming Neustar’s IT infrastructure to support sustained double-digit growth.

Before Neustar, David was Vice President at AOL, acting as General Manager for the Winamp family of products and leading the global Technology organization for the AOL Media division.

Prior to taking on that role, David was Senior Director of Systems and Networking operations teams at both WebMD, where he streamlined the management of production and IT systems, and AOL, where he developed a new content delivery architecture for AOL's then-emerging presence on the free web.


When he’s not leading Perfect Sense’s talented Engineering and Operations teams, David enjoys spending time outside, hiking trails, mountain biking and kayaking. The self-professed “abuser of metaphors” rarely goes a day without referencing one of the many in his arsenal—just ask his team how often they’ve heard, “The trains are leaving the station.”