By coming to Perfect Sense, you will be joining a uniquely talented and diverse team of developers, designers, and product managers committed to crafting innovative solutions for our partners. Learn more about the people who make Perfect Sense.
Brennan Ebeling, who went to college to study piano and pipe organ, sits with Rose to discuss how he wound up at Perfect Sense.
Omavi Walker, a 2016 graduate of Virginia Tech, sits with Rose to talk about who how he has expanded his skills as a full stack developer.
Parker discusses his unique position at Perfect Sense and the special relationships that he has formed during his 4+ years at the company.
Rose and James talk about the high stakes of his current projects, as well as how a math major winds up as a software engineer.
Mark sits with Rose and shares unique insights from his career change from chef to front-end engineer.
During their talk, Dylan provides unique insights on new trends in web design and details about his favorite project.
Rose explores Todd's winding journey from QA intern to lead developer, as well as his passion for the Washington Capitals.
Rose sits with David Habib, for unique perspective on how Perfect Sense operates on a daily basis and insight into the company's future.
Avery talks with Rose about starting her career at Perfect Sense and provides advice for soon-to-graduate students.
Rose talks with one of Perfect Sense's longest-tenured employees, Miles De Feyter and discuss a variety of topics.
Rose and Ben's conversation touches on a variety of topics ranging from the value of Brightspot to a review of The Martian.
Rose and Andrew discuss the advantages of Brightspot, shifting from hardware to software in college, and the benefits of super speed.