Technology Partner Spotlight: AWS

Perfect Sense: An AWS Advanced Technology Partner

To maintain competitiveness and optimize customer engagement, many enterprises are investing in API-first digital technologies to deliver more innovative content management, delivery, and publishing. Perfect Sense is fueling enterprise digital transformation for global organizations by providing a high-speed publishing solution. Our product, Brightspot, is built on a low-code, lightweight framework to enable faster, easier digital experiences. We partner with leading technology vendors, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host world class globally deployed sites fast and efficiently.

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Perfect Sense provides our customers with many benefits, including:

  • High availability using AWS' storage, content delivery network (CDN), and traffic-sensitive scaling capabilities.
  • Low latency delivery using a CDN to serve content, whether it's text or multimedia, closer to the consumer.
  • Rapid infrastructure change using Brightspot’s Beam tool and the AWS software development kit (SDK) to spin up new environments and expand or modify existing ones on the fly.
  • Safe installation of Brightspot updates with no downtime using a blue/green deployment model.

Brightspot also integrates with both Amazon Rekoginition and AWS Elemental. Amazon Rekognition makes it possible to tag images with labels, keywords, text, and/or by celebrity to increase discoverability in the CMS via federated search. AWS Elemental brings powerful video functionality to Brightspot, empowering editors and video producers to upload and transcode videos for playback across all devices, clip video assets within the CMS, manage livestream workflows, and much more.

Earning Competency as an AWS Public Sector Partner for Nonprofit

Perfect Sense was founded with giving back to its community core to its mission. Through ongoing, concrete actions, our mission aims at getting our employees off the sidelines to join hand-in-hand in bringing joy to the lives of others, while gaining a greater understanding of our community. This mission carries over into our partnerships and is one of the core purposes of joining AWS’s Public Sector Partner Program for Non-Profits.

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An enterprise content management system that lets editors create, publish and deliver great digital experiences.
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A digital asset manager that lets you organize, store and find your digital assets in a single, easy-to-use interface.
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A powerful cloud management tool that mitigates the risks of manual provisioning and managing infrastructure, lack of configurations standards, and unpredictable results.