The EOI Metric: Coca-Cola "North Star"

In the latest issue of Content Magazine, Jay Moye, editor-in-chief of Coca-Cola Journey, talks about how he uses EOI (Expressions of Interest) to help drive content development and paid media campaigns. EOI is a proprietary performance metric created by Perfect Sense Digital for Coca-Cola, and measures far more than just visits and pageviews. It provides valuable insight about the content that is striking a chord with readers.

Capturing social conversations and engagement by taking into account social reads, shares, SEO, and total visitors, EOI informs Coca-Cola about the stories people want to read. As a result, EOI enables Coca-Cola to talk with, instead of at, their fans. Additionally, with this comprehensive metric measuring the success of its content, Coca-Cola has been able to make informed decisions about future content.

With a nearly 100% increase in traffic since its launch, it's clear that EOI is making a difference for Coca-Cola Journey.

Read the full article, “Pop Psychology”, by clicking here.

Learn more about the relationship between Perfect Sense Digital and Coca-Cola here.

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